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Gwyn Williams – Director

Pension Transfer Advice

This is a complex area. CSTW understand the benefits and risks and how to maximise the transfer benefits. We aim to conservatively manage your investments and our Investment proposition is designed for pension drawdown investors and focused on capital protection.

We do not handle funds or the investments and we seek cost efficient providers based on the size of the transfer, planned investments. We select from the whole of the market based on quality of service, price and security. CSTW receives no commissions from any provider and has no commercial links.

Our typical providers are Standard Life, AJ Bell, Royal London and Alltrust

Please read our pension transfer guide by clicking on the link below:

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Initial Advice fee

CSTW advice fee based on the transfer value which is billed against your pension fund after the transfer has completed. We don’t charge for an initial appraisal and any meetings or discussions prior to the transfer advice process and we don’t charge if you decide not to proceed.

Ongoing Fee

Accepting the transfer is an ongoing commitment to invest your funds for lifetime. The majority of our clients appoint CSTW as ongoing advisers and our ongoing advice is 0.5% and ongoing fees are deducted from your account on a monthly basis and are not subject to VAT. The costs of a discretionary fund manager and third party costs will be detailed in your advice report.

A solution fully manged by CSTW will usually be appropriate for larger accounts over £250,000 and below this sum a simpler solution  with funds managed on a platform which also acts as pension provider will be more cost effective.

We have a five step process

Step 1

Is a Transfer suitable for you?

1.The value offered in the capital sum compared to the pension that you will leave behind

2.Do you have a plan B if the retirement income fell below the guaranteed level in retirement

3.Your objectives and confidence in dealing with the extra responsibility

Step 2

1If a transfer is recommended we will work with you to recommend a pension trustee and a strategy for the continued growth of the funds.

2.We will discuss the level of annual after tax cash flow that you need to fund your retirement

3.Should I take all my tax free cash or drip feed it over 20 years?

4.Am I likely to make additional pension contributions

5.Helping you choose the best self invested personal pension

6.We will help you use legislation to reduce tax for your personal circumstances

7.We will minimise the impact of the lifetime allowance ta charge

CSTW will recover our fees many times over through the tax and financial modelling that we carry out on your full financial affairs.

Step 3

Our advice report will cover

1.A full review of your pension scheme

2.Why transfer and what are the benefits and risks of transfer.

3.Preparation of a financial model until age 100 comparing the benefits of stating with guaranteed income compared to a transfer

4.A full tax planning analysis with solutions

5.A recommendation for a SIPP provider and an investment strategy

Step 4

1.We will help you with all the documentation

2.We will prepare the discharge paperwork

3.Advice on the timing of capital and income withdrawals

Step 5

CSTW will following the transfer work closely with you to manage the investment performance, tax efficiency of pension withdrawals and your other assets

Finally, if we don’t think it’s a good idea to transfer we will tell you and will explain why in writing. There will be no fee for this advice as we don’t think it’s fair to charge a fee for telling someone to stay in their own scheme. Our advice note will be sufficient evidence to prove that you have had advice and this should satisfy both your old and new scheme providers. CSTW would not arrange the transfer or provide any ongoing advice.