Providing Your Employee Benefits

Grand Slam Limited is an owner managed business in the manufacturing sector. In addition to a competitive salary the Managing Director knows that the additional benefits and good working environment can make a big difference when people are looking at joining the firm. He is therefore keen to put in place a suite of benefits for employees and to insure the lives of his key workers.

Our Client’s Needs

  1. Grand Slam employs 25 people of which 5 were deemed Key Workers. Key Workers are fundamental to the long-term success of the business and replacing them in the event they were to die could prove problematic and have negative long-term effects on the company. The MD is keen to protect the business in the event that one of these Key Workers was to die.
  2. The MD does not want his employees to be worried about paying for their mortgages and day-to-day living if they are off long-term sick. He knows that without this stress and on-going support, it can reduce the time an employee is off sick.
  3. In addition he is keen to provide some life cover for his staff so that should they die during their employment with the firm, the employee’s next-of-kin will receive a lump sum to help with day-to-day living or pay off the mortgage.
  4. The company is also looking to set up a competitive pension with the employer contributing 5% of salary providing employees pay a matching amount.

CST Wealth’s Advice

We were able to put in place a suite of policies to cover the business and the employees.

We recommended KeyMan policies for the three key workers. This would provide the company with a cash pay-out in the event one of them were to die and would help the company fund the recruitment process and loss of profit attributed to the individual.

To help the employees we also recommended a Group Income Protection Policy. This provided 75% of their pre-incapacity salary in the event they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

They have also established Relevant Life Policies which pays out 20x the employee’s salary to their next of kin. The pay-out does not form part of their estate for Inheritance Tax purposes is paid by the company and is not a benefit in kind.

A Group Personal Pension was set up to receive monthly contributions. It was set up on a Salary Exchange basis which helped boost the employee’s contributions via National Insurance savings. The firm also saved National Insurance but kindly rebated 50% back to the employee’s pension funds.

CST Wealth also held a presentation to all staff at Grand Slam’s offices to launch the benefit package to the employees.

End Result

The employees now have a range of benefits provided by the company which would be expensive if they were to buy on an individual basis on the open market. The Salary Exchange pension scheme has boosted their contributions by up to 10% without affecting their take-home pay. The company is also happy knowing that the employees are well looked after and that their Key Workers are insured, thus protecting the business.