1. What are you trying to achieve from your planning, both in business and in life?

Perhaps a happy and fulfilling retirement, buying a holiday home abroad, protecting your family/business or ensuring your estate passes to the next generation efficiently.


  1. Are you on track to achieve your goals?

You may be contributing to a pension, have a couple of old protection policies and be topping up your Cash ISA each year, but do you know what the end result of this will look like? Are you contributing enough? Or too much? Do your protection policies cover the right things and for the right amounts?


  1. What is stopping you from achieving your goals; or, what could stop you from achieving them?

How long would your savings last if anything were to happen to you or another member of your family? Does your business rely on a handful of key staff members that generate income/new business?


  1. Are you planning efficiently?

We are able to help you make the most of the current legislation, in order to make sure that you keep more of what you earn or make it work harder for you . Furthermore, in retirement we are able to develop a bespoke tax efficient income strategy to meet your needs.


  1. Are you making the most out of your business?

You could enhance your planning by using your business to fund things like your pension and some of your protection policies; this could save you more tax than you might think.


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