Government plans to increase the ISA allowance

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, is reportedly considering significant reforms to Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), which could result in substantial tax breaks for savers.

The proposed changes, expected to be announced in the Autumn Statement on 22 November 2023, have sparked a range of reactions from financial experts.

While some see it as a much-needed boost to investment, others warn that it could add complexity to an already intricate system. Here’s what savers should consider surrounding these potential changes.

Increase in ISA allowance

One of the most significant proposals is to increase the current ISA allowance from £20,000 to as much as £30,000. For higher-rate taxpayers investing in stocks and shares, this could mean capital gains savings of £35,490 over 20 years. Even a £5,000 rise could result in paying £17,970 less in taxes.

Merging cash and stocks & shares ISAs

The Chancellor is also considering merging cash and stocks & shares ISAs to simplify the system. Additionally, a new ISA specifically for UK investments may be introduced.

An extra allowance beyond the current £20,000 may also be introduced for those backing UK equities, further incentivising investment in the UK market.

Tax savings

The most obvious benefit is the potential for significant tax savings. Increasing the ISA allowance would mean that more of your investments could grow tax-free, providing a substantial advantage in the long term.


Merging different types of ISAs could simplify the process for savers, making it easier to manage their portfolios.

The challenges

Financial experts have warned that while some of the proposed changes aim to simplify the ISA system, they could end up making it more complicated. With six different versions of ISAs currently available, each with slightly different aims and rules, there is a risk of adding to the complexity.

There is also concern that merging different types of ISAs could result in confusing communications for savers. For example, those who only want to keep their money in cash ISAs might find communications about stocks and shares off-putting.

Stay informed

Keep an eye on the Autumn Statement for the official announcement of any changes. Understanding the new rules will be crucial for maximising your savings.

If the changes go ahead, you may need to reconsider your investment strategy, particularly if you have maxed out your current ISA allowance or are close to doing so.

The proposed changes to the ISA system could offer significant benefits for savers but come with their own set of challenges.

As we await further details in the Autumn Statement, savers should stay informed. As this is a complex issue with more details to come in the Autumn Statement, please contact our expert financial advisors for further guidance.

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