Some of the weird things people have insured!

When you think of insurance what pops into your mind? Buildings & Contents? Car? Life? Yes this is probably common for most of us. Some of us may even think of our mobile phones and pets in this list.


We normally insure the things we are ‘made to’ because without them we can’t get things such as a mortgage for our house or legally be allowed to drive our cars.


But there are people who insure things that are classed as ‘out of the ordinary’ to most of us. Take a look at the list below of some of them:


Tongue – some people’s main job is food tasting – just look at the wonderful jobs of the Master Chef critics whose ‘real’ jobs are usually food tasting or food criticising!

Moustache – for those of us who are old enough to know who Magnum PI is (Actor Tom Selleck also in Blue Bloods) wouldn’t be as famous without it! And imagine if something did happen to it?

Legs – those involved in sports, dancers and models

Lottery winners – employees winning the lottery. This could be because key staff have won the lottery and then decided to leave.

Falling satellite – who knows when one may drop straight out of the sky?!

Wedding – catering mishaps, extreme weather, the bride (or even the groom!) not turning up


But on a more serious note, more relevant insurances could be:

A key person in a business (think of businesses who has a ‘celeb’ as their head honcho – without them would the business be as successful? For example without Richard Branson would Virgin be as well-known?).

Unemployment insurance – one of the main insurances becoming more in demand is unemployment insurance to cover credit commitments such as your mortgage/rent and some of your regular outgoings. If this particular insurance or any of other more ‘weird’ insurances appeal to you and you would like further information then please get in touch so that we can discuss the various options available to you.


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